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Creating your own infused cooking oils

Making your own infused oils is a great way of keeping costs down rather than buying an oil already created from your local supermarket. Its really simple and can be used with leftovers from cooking a meal with for example; garlic or chili.

All you need is a bottle, some olive oil and three or four cloves of garlic to create a great tasting cooking oil or salad dressing.

Simply fill the bottle with olive oil. Place the cloves in the bottle and leave in a cool dry place for ten days to create a nice tasting garlic oil. Same goes for chili, place your left over chilies into the bottle for the same time to give your meals that extra kick.


This is a simple life hack that cuts down on waste and cost for making your ingredients go that extra mile. This can work with a number of different things, why not give it a shot or experiment with other things? I would love to know what different oils you have created. This is a great thing for me and I enjoy creating different flavours to cook with. Let me know in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from them.

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