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5 Sauces everyone should know how to make

Anybody who cooks, whether you are a chef or the cook in your home should and can make these sauces. These sauces are the foundations to a vast number of meals from lasagne to eggs benedict.

While most cooks at home will have any use for a hollandaise or a veloutė, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to make them. Any home savvy cook should be able to quickly whip up a bechamel sauce or a simple salad dressing. Sure you can go buy the’s at your local shop but those bottles have extra preservatives and sugar. By making them at home you can control the quality of your dish and therefore have a better quality of meal.

Although this may not be the traditional “mother” sauces, these are the ones I think will benefit the average home cook.

Bechamel Sauce

This is considered the sauce everyone must know how to make. A bechamel sauce is a traditional white sauce that is used to make lasagne or any other pasta dishes and is great poured over vegetables.

A traditional white sauce consists of flour and butter. Cooking on a low to medium heat to create a roux and adding milk to create a sauce.

Nutmeg is the seasoning added to the white sauce to make the sauce a bechamel.


A vinaigrette is used to dress salads and other greens. A basic rule of thumb is three parts oil to one part acid. For example; three parts olive oil to one part vinegar.

You can also use sherry, lemon juice, red or white wine. Get a bigger flavour by adding dijon mustard, garlic, shallots and honey.

Marinara Sauce

This is very simple to make. All you need is some garlic, onions and some tomatoes. Use fresh tomotoes when they are in season or else use canned. Mix it up a little with some fresh or dried basil, oregano and perhaps a little wine.

Barbecue Sauce

So simple to make, barbecue sauce is one of the most American sauces possible. Simply dump all of the ingredients into a pan and simmer until the flavours mould together.

The main ingredients are ketchup, sugar, hot sauce of some kind, Worcestershire sauce and a combination of spices.

Chocolate Sauce

Homemade chocolate sauce is usually made with melted chocolate and a form of dairy to thin it down. Pour over ice cream or drizzle on top of your home baking.

In later posts I will go into great detail on how to make each one but for now here is a guideline on the basics sauces to some good home cooking. I will post the links into this post also when they become available but for now. Have some fun experimenting.

Thank you for reading and as always, if you have any questions or comments, please fill them in below.

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