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Making a quick and simple seasoning

Seasoning any sort of meat or fish can really emphasize the taste of a meal. Want something more than just your average salt and pepper? Although the main seasonings in this small recipe is still salt and pepper, adding a few extra ingredients can really go a long way in finding the ultimate taste for you.


This will literally take you minutes and you can certainly experiment on different tastes depending on your palette.

  • Grab a small bowl to combine your ingredients.
  • Add your salt and pepper. You can use any type of pepper you prefer but for this one we are going to use cracked black pepper. Table salt will be suffice for this recipe.
  • Add in a small amount of chili flakes. The ratio to your salt and pepper should be approx 5g to every 100g.
  • Grab some garlic granules and season to taste.

You can certainly change these and add in some ginger granules, dried rosemary or pretty much anything spare you have lying around. Why not give it a go.

Who said seasoning has to be just salt and pepper right? Have any ideas of your own? I would love to hear, please let me know in the comments below.

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